At a Child's Prodding

It as been so long
Since I last sang my simple song
But now I find this thought beckons me
"sing again" a timid whispered plea
once more my voice begins
and quietly ascends


You Rather Than Me

Speak to me, Speak through me.
Disregard myself, overtake me.
I witness your quiet power,
Complete control in face of disaster.
Watch me as I fall apart.
Now your strength impart.

Set me aside, push me asunder.
Protect me from my own blunders.
Your wisdom greater than mine,
May it be my guide and sign.
I submit myself to follow you.
Don't let me cease to ensue.


The days go by and I forget about life,
Asking myself is this what I live for?
I want to be on your side.
Not satisfied I'm wanting more.
Here's my life take it and make it.
Whatever it should to be.